Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Aussie Wine Country

The Economist's correspondent's blog is currently focusing on Australia wine country. The earliest post, on the bottom, notes that Australia is facing a downturn in sales because they make too much wine. A few years ago there wasn't enough wine being made, then all sorts of people got into it and now they can't sell enough. There's a lesson to be learned here - in the world of wine, quality matters much more than quantity in the long run. It doesn't work that way in many other industries, which is why so many good businessmen fail miserably when they enter the wine industry. They think they can use skills from other manufacturing industries in the wine world, but the reality is that the wineries with staying power are the ones who limit their production and work really hard at what they have. That's why we've made smaller producers the focus of our store.

Also, in case somebody wants to try a fortified muscat like the one the blogger discusses, we do have one from Victoria called Yalumba.

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