Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Wine Bar/ Open Air Market Visit

This time to see my girlfriend in Baltimore. What looks to be a former train depot has been restored by a public-private partnership to an open air farmer's market on top, and an indoor market below. All owned and occupied by independent merchants.
I was in heaven.

There was everything from a bread maker, to a produce stand that also made juices and smoothies, to an Italian market and much more. I went nuts and bought all kinds of goodies.
Even better attached to this market is a wine bar/shop where we sat down and had a glass of wine and this cheese plate.

The wine bar is called Grand Cru. I liked it well enough, it had a nice casual vibe, and lots of happy-looking people. The layout was a little haphazard, and my Niagra Falls Riesling was not all that great. Not bad, but a little thin. So thin, it made me wonder if the bottle had been opened the previous day (not good). Their food menu was delightful and included such options as pheasant sausage. We opted for the cheese plate above and it was quite good.
I would highly recommend any foodie visiting Belvedere Square as it is a wonderful experience, and a reminder of how important it is to foster locally owned, quality businesses. The results can be spectacular.

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giniajim said...

Nice report. Anything similar in DC? Looking forward to the Kybecca wine bar opening.