Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why Hummus??

So what to do with down time between knocking down walls and running 2 stores? I make Hummus for all to enjoy. :-)
For a long time we would have friends over and we would make little foods to share with friends and family. As kybecca has grown and continues to evolve our friends have convinced us that we should share our way of living; more natural, organic, closer to the grain, with the general public. Hummus is one of those items.
Rebecca found this article In the Yahoo finance section that supports what we already know and love. It is definitely worth pointing out that even in hummus, not all are the created equal.
When I make our hummus I use only the freshest ingredients I can find. I zest the lemons, crush the garlic, great tahinni and most importantly, the oil. I use the Lakonia Olive Oil from the heart of Greece's Eurotas valley in south central Peloponnese. Famous for its Spartan past. 80% of the Greek olive oil is extra virgin, which is the top-ranked classification category in the world. This makes Greece the world's largest producer of extra virgin olive oil. There are other great oils but this is the one I use for hummus.
Care is given to what we do here at kybecca and we think you can taste the difference!
Eat all you like. I'll make more.

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