Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Construction Progress

It has come to our attention that there is a pretty large interest in keeping up with how thing are progressing with kybecca wine bar & shop. Emily Battle, from The Freelance Star, even mentioned some of the activity in her Blog when she caught me on New Years Eve squeezing in a few extra hammer swings.

So what IS going on behind those papered doors???

come on in and let's see..

We've taken the brand new buildout that Doc King did such a nice job on and have relocated it to the county dump.

With the walls down, Raymond and Dana Herlong from Herlong Associates inc can help us finish fitting the space. (The chairs are there for friends and family that like to come visit while I bust out walls.) Just a little more clean up then I think I'm gonna expose the brick on the inside wall. Coordinated helping hands welcome. More pics to come!!


Amy said...

Oh.....I was wondering what happened to the two missing chairs!

Olivia said...

Once those doors open for business I expect a special chair at the end of the bar that has my name on it(a la Norm from "Cheers") that will always be kept empty except when I am in residence.

Don't be suprised if every day at 7pm on the dot you see me running across the street from Avanti's to get my drink on!

Congrats again you guys!

Luke said...

I expect two things:

More pics of the construction as it goes along.

Malt liquor on tap at the wine bar.

Make it happen.

David said...

Great idea to post progress pics! Now that we're monitoring, you can't slow down. :-)

And a vote for some regional craft beers on draft at the Tapas bar...

amyw said...

Ok..I've been holed up in Italy since the holidays and just got back. Where will the wine bar be located? Please have plenty of Brunello on hand and perhaps a bit of Pecorino Toscano con Tartufo....yum! Can't wait til it opens!