Saturday, January 12, 2008

The perfect wine for a fresh fruit tart

One of my favorite things about a trip to Whole Foods is an individual
fruit tart. Just the perfect size of lovely, ripe fruit, custard and crumbly delicious crust.

Only one thing can improve this lovely tart and that is just the right wine. For me it will be the Erich Bender Trockenbeerenauslese Huxelrebe 2004. A very special and unusual dessert wine that uses a relatively unknown grape called Huxelrebe. The grape is exposed to "noble rot" (like a Sauternes) and then dried to a raisin, then it is pressed for wine. The result is what one customer called "nectar". It has aromas of apricots, honey, and tangerine that fill your mouth with the lovely flavors, cleans up after itself (with a racy acidity) and leaves you wanting more.

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