Monday, January 14, 2008

New Beers at kybecca

From time to time I'll be posting here to let people know what new beers we are carrying at kybecca. We try to bring in new stuff from time to time to keep our selection fresh. I've got several new beers coming in this week which I'll post about later, but last week we received a few new things. First, two beers from Arcadia Brewing Company in Battle Creek, Michigan. Arcadia started out as a microbrewery specializing in English and Scottish style ales, but now they make all sorts of stuff. We received some quantity of their Cocoa Loco and the Cereal Killer Barleywine. The Cocoa Loco is described as a "Triple Chocolate Stout" and is brewed with chocolate and molasses, and lactose. It is full and rich in the mouth but highly drinkable, slightly sweet without being cloying and the chocolate balances nicely with the malts and hops.

The Cereal Killer Barleywine is a great winter beer, with high alcohol (but not too high at 9%), and flavors of candied fruits mixed with a bit of coffee and smoke. A slow sipper for the cold winter nights.

Finally, I'm very excited that we've received the De Dolle Special Export Stout. De Dolle is one of Belgium's most famous breweries, and their beers are only available in the United States in limited quantities. To me this beer tastes like a cross between a traditional stout (which is not Belgian in origin but English/Irish) and a Belgian Strong Ale. Readers of gave this beer an A- overall, and if you like trying original beers this one is great.

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