Sunday, January 20, 2008

More about Bertha

I mentioned my first love, Bertha, in my last post and thought I might take a moment to introduce you too her. Bertha and I have been together longer than my beautiful children have been around, and even longer than I've been married to my bride Rebecca. She's always been available when I needed her and doesn't fuss when I don't pay much attention to her. Having said that she can be a little high maintenance but comes around fast once her needs are met. Bertha and I have been on may trips together, Camp Perry Ohio, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Nashville and back and forth across the country twice. Bertha has supported all the family and everyone has spent time with her. Easy to see why I can't end it. Besides, the older she gets the better she is.
Currently she in involved and committed to helping us complete the construction as quickly as possible. Everyone, may I introduce Bertha. Beautiful isn't she :-).

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L said...

Blast from the past! Can't believe she is still around. BTW, the drive in still exists in BFT.