Sunday, January 20, 2008

Help from Friends

As things are progressing, there are more and more people want to get involved and help. What better way to spend a Saturday. I am sure some would disagree [Luke] But we had a great day.

Starting @ about 9 Evan(The Crow Bar) Baker, Matthew (The Hammer) Baker,Henry (Bannger) Day came by to "smash some walls". They exclaimed "We can hit the walls?" ... "With a Hammer??!!"

LUNCH!!!! A little Virgil's Root Beer, Cream Soda, and Ginger Ale from next door in kybecca and Castiglia's Pizza to feed the machines.

See what a little effort can produce? Well done lads!

Amy had to get in on the action

Next Powell Holly

and Shortly there after Jim Tharp Rounded out the team for the Day.

By 7pm we were done all thanks to my friends. Lights moved, ceiling cleaned, brick wall smashed, and Bertha full for Tuesday's run to the dump. All the help allowed me to take Rebecca and Katelyn to Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen. Thanks Joe and Nancy Collins.
All that is left for Demo is exposing the brick and sandblasting the paint off. Anyone want to help??

Before ................................................ After

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