Friday, January 18, 2008

And then there was Brooke...

So as you saw in Amy's post, Steve Dubois stopped in around 6:30 for a little and helped me heave-ho a couple doors, studs and carpet in preparation for a trip to the dump complements of my 1986 F250, Bertha. Steve had to go so back to it.

About 30 mins later a long standing friend, Brooke Farquar of Raven Hi-Fi acclaim calls and asks if I want a pint. Protocol dictating that the only possible answer be YES I invited him down to the store to enjoy a new arrival, the Moylans Irish Red Ale, with me while I labored and toiled. Brooke being a Scot had to snort a bit but admitted the value and quality of the brew and offered to help. As many evenings go with Brooke and I we laughed, worked and shared a couple beers during the process. After finishing the goal of clearing the left side by 1a we decided to continue just to the doors on the right side. As 3a rolled by Brooke and I parted ways laughing at each other for acting like highschool kids staying up all night.

down the left is halfway completed, down the right is done

check out the ceilings!!! Real tin and I think we can find replacements for the occasional hole.

Thanks Brooke. More later!!!

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