Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Using Local Produce

As we have grown and developed the wine bar it was always within our sights to develop relationships with local farmers who could supply us with fresh, seasonal produce. One of our favorites is Miller Farms who are located in Locust Grove (we also encourage you to go shop at their store on the farm, always great stuff).

They supply us with these lovely zucchinis which we use with our Romesco sauce ($4) and about which the Washington Post said:
We were most surprised at how much we loved a simple dish of roast asparagus with a romesco sauce of oven-roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers and sherry vinaigrette. We used up two baskets of bread trying to get every last red scrap.

We keep the Romesco sauce throughout the year and serve it with seasonal produce. Right now is also tomato season and we make sure to use perfectly ripe Miller Farms tomatoes in our Caprese salad. Get it while you can, because once the season has passed, the dishes are gone.

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