Friday, November 28, 2008

What Did We Have With Thanksgiving?

Several people asked me over the last week or so what wine I would be having with my Thanksgiving meal. My answer at the time was I don't know because I hadn't had time to think about it. It wasn't until Wednesday that a wine was recommended to me by one of the owners of Williams Corner Wine, an importer and distributor based in Charlottesville. The wine was the Pineau d'Aunis from Thierry Puzelat, a winemaker based in Touraine in the Loire Valley region of France. I already knew about Puzelat because we sell his Cot, the local name in Touraine for Malbec. It's a wine we love not only because it's so tasty but because it's original. Puzelat believes in natural wine making, which means organic production and no additives in the wine. He doesn't even add sulfites to the wines.

Pineau d'Aunis is a grape little known outside France (and not well known there either, for that matter) that I had never had before. Rebecca, Kyle, and I all loved it. The wine had wonderful brambly fruit flavors of raspberry and wild berries, plus lots of baking spice flavor, especially cinnamon. It was light in color which was deceptive because the body is not nearly as light as it appears. It paired wonderfully with the roast goose we enjoyed for our Thanksgiving dinner. We loved this wine so much you can expect to see if for sale in both stores very soon.

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