Monday, March 10, 2008

More Wine Bar Research

This Sunday we went to check out DC's newest wine bar, Cork. It is located in a neighborhood that was strictly off limits when
I was a kid, and unfortunately not terribly well marked. Once we found it we were then were left to stand outside and wait in the cold while the employees milled about inside
past opening time (5p).
Once inside things did improve considerably. The décor was lovely,
sort of earth tones meets chic and still comfortable. We started out at the bar where the friendly and knowledgeable bartender poured each of us some wonderful wines by the glass including a sparkling Jura rose that was really delicious. We recognized quite a few of the wines from kybecca shelves, so we had to branch out a bit to find new things. While their choices were very thoughtful and interesting, I would encourage the owners to come up with a better preservation method than the vacuvin. That system is fine for light commercial or home use, but when you are paying a premium price for a wine by the glass, something a little more effective is in order.
The food was lovely and served in small, elegant portions as well. We had the citrus trout, fried calamari, cheese plate (good cheeses, portions a little paltry), steak with roasted brussell sprouts, and frites with home-made ketchup.
If you are inclined to take a trip to DC, then it is definitely worth checking out.

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Luke said...

What an awesome picture of everyone and my left arm!