Tuesday, March 4, 2008


A customer referred me to this article in Slate.com that talks about Mead, a much overlooked beverage. Mead, for those who don't know, is fermented honey and is sometimes referred to as honey wine. Many meads are sweet but they aren't necessarily so. Virginia's Blacksnake Meadery makes several dry meads. Meads are an ancient beverage and if you've never tried one you really should, at least for the experience.

I agree with the author that mead does not pair with food nearly as well as wine or beer, but I think he's a little too critical with the mead tasting. Mead shouldn't be judged by the standards of wine, it should be judged by its own standards.

By the way, we carry the Redstone Meads referenced in the article at both stores, in case you're looking for a mead to try.