Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Making Tables For the Outdoor Cafe

As you can see we are so particular about every aspect of our project that Kyle is making the cafe tables by hand. We found beautiful high quality cherry plywood and Kyle is making the best looking outdoor tables I have ever seen.

We are working to open the outdoor cafe mid to late March. Credit for this portion of the opening goes to our wonderful EDA and their grant for our awning. Look for our awning to be installed by mid-March. We will be offering a limited food and by the glass menu working from a small makeshift kitchen in the basement. In fact Kyle, Amy and I just completed the Health Department food handling class, and while not thrilling, necessary and informative. Kyle and I feel the way we did when we first opened kybecca. Exhilarated, a little scared, exhausted, and looking forward to what is ahead for us and kybecca.
What an adventure!

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Roy said...

Aye, Laddie. And are you trained in the use of the tools then? You look like you are having way too much fun!

Looking forward to the start up. We'll be there.

Roy and Cathy