Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clean face and a smile

This can mean only one thing. Generally if you see Kyle walking around in a full beard , he has run his mouth and said something stupid like " I'm not shaving or trimming my beard until the demo is done." The last few weeks are no exception.
So, as usual, it is friends to the rescue!
Matthew Baker, on a teacher work day, pitches in to bust walls and clean up. Gotta tell you Matthew, you are awesome!!!

Steve Duboise and Katelyn are in next and Brooke from Raven Hi-Fi (yes he came back) is not far behind.
Tom Eskam ,from our own Bike Works ,comes, goes, changes, and comes back to play.
Hey is that Dave Minckler from Raven Hi-Fi as well. Where you been? Doesn't matter as he showed up and stayed until the finish. Check this.

So all that is left is to recondition the brick (notice demo is done!) Some plans from Raymond and Dana Herlong and we'll be having some good juice in the space soon........

We even jumped the gun, and had a little shin-dig for our employees and vendors in the new space, and even in semi-construction the space had a great feel.

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Luke said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!