Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pizzas at kybecca

We are really excited about pizza day (Sundays starting at 4p) here at kybecca. While in Italy I was inspired by a chef who made the best pizzas. He made a pizza that was so simple and delicious I had to make it at the kybecca. Our take on this classic dish is great dough covered with a simple red sauces and smothered with buffala mozzarella, mozzarella and finished parmesan. This was the first pizza we introduced last week.
We started experimenting with flavors and decided our second pizza should incorporate something easily recognized as kybecca. Our mac & cheese is one of our customer's favorite items. Introducing kybecca's mac & cheese pizza. A half portion of our mac & cheese topping the new neo-Neapolitan dough, fresh house made red sauce
with fresh herbs finished with just enough panko to give it a great crust. Come enjoy the our latest addition to the pizza menu.
Both Pizzas are available at 4p every Sunday. Next Sunday, Fried chicken pizza!

ble today starting at 4pm


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