Thursday, June 10, 2010

Indian in the Cupboard

Maya Kaimal's Indian Simmer Sauces, to be more precise.

Many of our faithful customers remember fondly the rich, sumptuous, delectable line of sauces that we used to have in our cheese case. Made with the freshest ingredients, they were slow-simmered and perfectly spiced. The ONLY downside to these sauces was the expiry date...they generally had only a 2-3 week shelf life. AND they had to be kept in the fridge.

So when I heard that the Maya Kaimal shelf-stable sauces were available (previously a Williams-Sonoma exclusive) I was VERY interested...but also a bit skeptical. Would the shelf-stable sauces be as good as the fresh, refrigerated ones? So I asked my pal Tito at Cheeseworks if he knew anyone who had tried them, side-by-side.

Tito reported back to me that one of his co-sales reps and good friend did. Her favorite out of ALL of them was the Tikka Masala SHELF STABLE. Needless to say, that sealed the deal for me. We have six jars in stock right now, but we will be getting more (and new flavors) in next week. Did I mention they are shelf-stable for 2 years?! Time to stock your pantry!

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