Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweets for your sweetie (or for yourself!)

We have new truffles, beautifully packaged and designed to pair perfectly with a glass of wine!

The Cholive Company - "Our Chruffles (pronounced TRUFFLE but with our unique spelling) are also based on our 55% dark chocolate formula with whole cream ganache. With the help of Guy Poitras, our resident sommelier and wonderful friend, we paired 16 different flavored Chruffles with a host of great wines to come up with the perfect wine and chocolate pairings (let me tell you, it was a fun experience!) By slowly letting the shell and ganache melt in your mouth, you can pick up amazing nuances in wine that only chocolate can bring out. Or, if you are like me, enjoy our Chruffles as the perfect mini dessert – they are just enough to cap off a wonderful meal." Joshua Gentine, President

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