Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sun, Seed, & Soil

The award-winning Harvest Song artisanal preserves are finally back in stock. And to celebrate...we have lowered the price on the 10.2 oz jars!

From their website:

"What sets Harvest Song apart is the way our products are grown, harvested, prepared and brought to the table. Our products taste like they were just picked from the garden. That’s because farming in Armenia is not industrialized like most modern countries of the world. Chemical fertilizers are not widely used. The fruit is sun ripened and immediately picked and prepared for preserving, so the vitamins and nutrients are not lost before the canning process. Only natural ingredients are used to compliment the flavorful fruits and vegetables."

Be sure to have them with your favorite wines....try the Sour Cherry or Peach with a Riesling or Tempranillo. Or the Apple & Pear with a Sauternes, or if you are a beer lover, your favorite stout. The Wild Strawberry with a sparkling rose, or the Quince with a Pinot Noir or Pilsner.

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