Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh My Goodness This Is Good Wine

Continuing on the theme of Rebecca's post about wines we really love, I just tasted this wine for the first time about 30 minutes ago and wanted to tell everybody about it because it's so unusual and so good. This is a Monastrell from Alicante, a region in southeastern Spain. You've probably had Monastrell before, the Juan Gil and Castano are well known examples. This one is on a different level. It's from Primitivo Quiles, the oldes Bodega (winery) in Alicante. They make their wines old school style - this is Spanish wine for Spain, not Americanized. You can tell even by the label that they are traditional. It is slightly oxidized which gives it a sort of dried fruit flavor - it reminded me of prunes and dried blackberries with a woodsy and nutty quality as well.

We'll have this in stock starting Friday and it will sell for $19.99. The impression I got of this wine is that it would be fantastic with food and I can't wait to take one home and have it with some lamb. If you decide to try this wine do not expect a fruity, California style wine. But you can expect a true hand crafted wine in the old world style. Wines like this are why I love being in the wine business.

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