Thursday, October 1, 2009

Double Secret Confessions

Ok, so I made an embarrassing wine pairing discovery last night. It had been a LONG day (for those of you who shopped with us yesterday, you may have been aware of our credit card processing woes) and when I got home I was a little hungry.....but feeling way too lazy to bother cooking anything. So I ended up munching on some Fritos with a glass of Dominio de Eguron Protocolo (one of my favorite tempranillos for $6.99.) And it was DELICIOUS.

Let's face it....we ALL have a dirty little junk food secret. Hopefully (for health reasons) we do not indulge in it often. But when we do, we revel in blissful naughtiness.

So let's hear it's Double Secret Confession time! What's your naughty indulgence? Twinkies? Cheesy Poofs? Pop Tarts?! And what wines have you paired them with and how did they work? (And don't tell me you've never tried it.)

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