Saturday, September 26, 2009

For The Wine Lover Who Thinks They've Tried Everything

Here's a good article by our favorite wine critic, Eric Asimov, about the wines of Jura in France. For those who are curious we actually have a Savagnin of the type described in the article - oxidized and sherry-like. Here's a description on our website. I love this wine but as the article points out it's not for neophytes. We actually tasted this wine in a seminar about a year ago and most people there said they did not like it. Interestingly though, when the person leading the seminar (Nicolas from Willliams Corner Wine) encouraged people to take a bite of cheese and crackers and try it again, most people said it tasted much better. That makes sense because in Jura these wines are nearly always consumed with food.

Easier to like is our Cremant de Jura, or sparkling wine from Jura. Here's the website description. Very similar to Champagne, I often recommend it to people looking for something fancy but don't want to pay Champagne prices. It's as good as Champagnes that cost twice as much.

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