Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Must Watch This

To begin with please excuse any foul language in the short film, we had to post it because it really shows the underbelly of the wine business. Besides if you are reading our blog or buying our products you are over 21 and just may have heard a few curse words by now.
This short highlights the tactics of some of the larger distributors and name-recognition wineries.

This is part of the business that we deal with every day and why kybecca is unique. We resist. We work with small and medium distributors who don't employ these tactics and instead sell wine they think is good and fairly priced. We taste everything and care about who makes it. When I first saw this video about 5 or 6 wineries came to mind with wines that we get asked for on a regular basis. The problem is that the wine isn't that good (an probably over-priced) so they work with distributors who are willing to push the wines in this way. It would certainly be easier to just sell wines with this type of name recognition; the system is built to promote it but we just can't. We take pride in finding top quality small producers and distributors who don't ever try to push their inferior wines on us (and thus on you), and in swimming against the tide of giant selections of mostly mediocre wines.

Our wine selection is personal and meant to delight you, sometimes challenge you and support an alternate system of buying from small businesses who do things the right way. So the next time we don't have [insert brand name here] there may be a good reason why, and for sure we have a great alternative.

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