Friday, August 21, 2009

Olde Towne Butcher

On my way in to the shop today, I noticed two men on ladders, lifting a large, flat, rectangular object across the street. Watching from below, squinting in the sun was a very happy-looking gentleman who had come in to the shop several weeks ago and introduced himself as Lee Russell, butcher and future owner of Olde Towne Butcher at 405 William Street. I ran across the street to say hello and admire the new signage...simple black on white lettering, with a silhouette of a farmer herding a pig. Hopefully, a perfect start to what we hope will be a very successful business.

Here at kybecca, we are huge supporters of locally grown foods. Mr. Russell shares this sentiment, and hopes to bring Fredericksburg a variety of meats raised on nearby farms. He will be making his own fresh ground beef, as well as sausage using old world recipes.

There are many great reasons to support local, independent butchers, and the first is quality. While supermarkets provide a good range of food at a low cost, they are more concerned about shelf life and profitability. In contrast, a local butcher is usually extremely concerned about the quality of the meat. You may have to pay a little more for the cut you are purchasing, but the freshness, flavor and texture will be well worth it.

Also, a local butcher will be able to trace source of their meat and tell you exactly where it came from, which is really good, considering all of the health scares in regards to factory farming. And most of them will prefer to source the majority of their product locally which is environmentally responsible, as they are not shipping in from around the world. It also keeps our money in the community, instead of being skimmed off to investors in the form of profits.

If you are a regular customer, chances are that you may become favored with special deals or cuts that may not be on public view. Butchers, like all small businesses, enjoy rewarding their best customers and want to keep them happy and coming back.

We are looking forward to being one of Mr. Russell's first loyal customers. Best of luck to you, Lee!

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