Monday, August 10, 2009

Now We Sell Local Mead

Now that they have started distributing their products, we are happy to tell you that we now sell the meads made at Blacksnake. Blacksnake Meadery is located in Carroll County and makes many different meads in different styles using honey from their own bee hives.

In case you're not aware, mead is a fermented honey drink. It's sometimes called 'honey wine' but that's misleading because it's really it's own beverage (just as sake is not really 'rice wine'). Mead has been drunk for a long time. Nobody really knows how long, that's how old it is. I really can't describe the flavor to you if you have never had it, that would be like describing wine or beer to somebody who never had it. It's often reminiscent of honey, obviously, but also very floral. The honey is typically diluted with water, in case you are wondering, so it's not syrupy. As with beer brewing, water quality is very important. This webpage on Blacksnake's site has more information.

We have three meads from Blacksnake. First is the Hoppy Bee Brew. This one is for beer lovers, because it's brewed with hops. It's a dry mead because it's been fermented all the way, and you can definitely taste the piney/citrus hops flavor on the finish.

Second is Sweet Virginia, a semi-sweet mead that has a bit more honey flavor. After tasting this I imagine it would pair very well with spicy food like hot wings are asian cuisine.

Third is Meloluna, a dessert-style mead and the sweetest of the three. Not unlike a high quality dessert wine (but not as expensive). Very concentrated flavors. This would pair very well with salty blue cheese.

These are available at both stores and also our wine bar!

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