Tuesday, August 25, 2009

James Kim at kybecca

Freelance photographer James Kim was in this morning to shoot Kyle's entry for an easy 30 minute meal-Thai Beef Salad.

James' images have appeared on the covers and in the pages of numerous publications, as well as having sold commercial advertising and stock photos to markets worldwide. His list of clients include Marie Claire Magazine, the Washington Business Journal, US Dept. of Transportation, Bethesda Magazine, Southwest Airlines, Smith Barney, Lockheed Martin, and Sport & Health Clubs to name a few.

James' commercial stock photos are internationally distributed thru such agencies as Getty, Corbis and Image Source. He has also provided affordable wedding photo packages to newlyweds in the greater Washington DC area, as well as producing portfolio images for upcoming and established professional models.

Check out his website....great stuff. http://www.jameskimphotography.com/

(And by the way, Kyle's Thai Beef Salad was delish!)

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Eve said...

Is this going on the menu? I love Thai beef salad.