Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Washington Post Pays kybecca a Visit

Our Washington Post restaurant review came out this last Sunday in the magazine (you can access it here) and the response has been great. Only about 50 restaurants a year get a Sunday review and we are honored that they would include a little wine bar in Fredericksburg in the mix.
We found out a few weeks ago that they were doing an article on us through the arrival of the photographer. A lovely French woman called and said she was with the Post, coming to take pictures and could we have the following dishes ready? Of course we complied, but we still had no idea what the article was about or what section it would appear in. When she told us it was a Sunday review in the magazine, I was in shock. It was more than we could have hoped for, by a large margin. It has been difficult to get top-tier media interested in the Burg for a variety of reasons and this was definitely a top-tier spot. I credit our excellent PR company, a little good luck, and lots of hard work from the whole kybecca staff. Without any of them this would not have happened.

Before I get to the daily menu offerings, let me just say a few words about Kybecca's Sunday brunch menu: This, my friends, is why you get into your cars and suffer the drive on Interstate 95 to get to Fredericksburg.

Sit outside under the bright red awning, sip a glass of chilled prosecco and dig into a plate of slow-braised corned beef hash topped with a poached egg and a drizzle of vinaigrette (one of Kyle's home recipes). Or try one of the crisp, yeast-risen waffles sprinkled with local berries. Or a crepe filled with spicy, locally made chorizo and scrambled eggs.


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