Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye, Jack...

It's been a sad week here at kybecca - way beyond bizzare celebrity deaths. Our very own Jack Morrison, will be leaving us in two weeks.

Jack has been shopping at kybecca since the store opened in March of 2005. After his beloved record store, Blue Dog, closed in April of 2005, Jack took some time off, and then Kyle offered him a position at our humble wine shop.

Many of our customers were his customers, and remember him fondly (as Jack is always friendly, courteous and professional.) Jack also has a wonderful palate, with an honest appreciation for wine and extensive knowledge. Something you may not know is that Jack is very gifted at writing tasting notes (the majority of the notes you see in the shop and at wines tastings are his.)

So Jack...runner of marathons, drinker of wine, lover of are loved and will be missed.

Be sure to drop by kybecca on William Street in the next couple of weeks to wish Jack well in his new endeavors. Also, drop him a nice note on here.

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