Monday, March 2, 2009


I was able to take a little time off this year and I decided to head to Yosemite for the vacation. My good friend Adam lives in Stockton, a few hours away from Yosemite, and it made good sense to spend some time with him while going to the beautiful park. Adam picked me up in Sacramento and off to Stockton we go. Being geographically challenged, I had no idea in relation to CA, where Stockton was located. Soon we were passing large expanses of agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley; almonds, tomatoes, sugarcane and, you guessed it, grape vines. A few more geographic inquiries lead me to discovered Adam lived 7 miles from Lodi. The Zin capital of California.
I contacted Vino con Brio, producers of Matzin Zinfandel, and Ann Matson answered. It was then clear where the wine got it's name. Asking if we could come and visit, She explained that she was watching her niece, Katherine Sophia, and as long as we were ok with that she would be happy to open up for a tasting.
We arrived at the beautiful Vino Con Brio where Anne, Katherine Sophia, and cookie monster met us with a smile.

I was happy to help out with Katherine Sophia while Anne showed us their wines. Delicious!~ What a great time! This family run business has the beautiful Amorosa Vineyard inn and Garden facility that can accommodate you while in the Valley. Anne was then nice enough to take us to their production facility. All in all a wonderful experience.

So if you are in CA and want to meet some of the nicest, most accommodating, friendly, down to earth people in the valley, head to Vino con Brio in Lodi. This family run business will treat you well. If you want to try the Matzin locally, it is in our enomatic machines available now!

Thanks Anne and Katherine Sophia.

So what does a 100+ year old Zin vine look like??? gnarly huh.....


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