Friday, February 6, 2009

My Favorite Beer

As many of you know wine is my area of expertise. For the most part I leave the beer to Matt and Kyle who do a great job of sifting through what's out there and bringing in only the best. I enjoy beer, and understand the legions who are devoted to craft beer, but I like having a beverage I don't have to think about too much. Wine is my thing.

However I have found a beer I really love (other than the Eggenberg Pilsner, which is my everyday beer), the Belgian brewed Biere De Miel which translates to beer of honey. It is made by Dupont who many of you will recognize as an excellent producer of Saison. The title is a little misleading because I think people may assume the beer is sweet, far from it. It is brewed with organic Belgian honey, but fermented until dry. The result is medium-bodied amber with floral and honey aromas. The hops are present, but not off-putting. I love it, it has turned into my go-to beer for pairing with a nice dinner, mostly medium weight fare like chicken on grilled salmon.

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