Friday, January 2, 2009

New Beers This Week

Okay, the new year rush is over and now I have time to sit at the computer and tell you about what's new in the beer world, or at least kybecca's beer world. I've got some returning beer and some new beer to tell you about.

First, the returns. Dogfish Head has released their once-per-year Fort in 750ml bottles. Fort is the world's strongest fruit beer. It's brewed with loads of raspberries. It's not like some other fruit beers, such as some lambics, that blend the fruit juice after fermentation. The raspberries go in during the brewing process so the beer is not as sweet as other fruit beers. The abv is a massive 18%, making it almost port-like. This beer can be cellared and will age well for up to 20 years, but if you don't feel like waiting that long it tastes good now.

Next to return is the St. Victorious Doppelbock from Victory Brewing Company in Pennsylvania. This beer was made Pennsylvania only last year much to the disappointment of many customers. Now it's back, and better yet they, and by extension we, lowered the price!

On to the new. We have a very interesting new beer from France from a Brasserie Mont Blanc. The beer is called Verte, which means green, and is appropriate because the beer is in fact green. This is because it is brewed with Genepi, a family of herbs some of which are related to wormwood, also found in Absinthe. This one is for the adventurous only.

Last is a beer I tried to get before but the distribution did not reach our area. This is the Full Nelson Pale Ale from the Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, Virginia. I think we'll be seeing more from this brewery in the future as Virginia made beer becomes more popular.

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