Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Beers This Week

We have some great stuff for those of you looking for something new to try. First, we received a very limited quantity (actually the only quantity at all in this area) of the Southern Tier Cuvee Series 1. Southern Tier is a brewery based in upstate New York whose other beers we have carried for a while now. The Cuvee series is a one-off set of beers they are brewing that are aged in oak casks. Series #2 comes out later this year and #3 next year. Series #1 is aged in French oak and actually gets flavors from the oak, especially vanilla and coconut, rather than tasting like wood. It's rich and creamy and hides its 11% abv well. Get one and split it with a friend.

Next is the winter seasonal from New Holland Brewery called Cabin Fever brown ale. A rich brown ale to savor on the colder days ahead. Now that Halloween is behind us the winter beers are starting to appear.

Which leads me to the next beer, Bell's Winter White. We had this one last year. It's a Belgian White Ale (same style as Blue Moon, although this one is way better), which is usually a summer beer but Bell's decided to make a more robust version of the style and sell it as a winter ale.

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