Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great Article in The Post

The Washington Post's wine column has not been the same since Micheal Franz left a few years ago. He was one of my favorite writers and always had something interesting to say. These days I hardly ever read the Post's articles on wine as they tend to be focused on mass-produced offerings and just not that interesting. I was delighted to be proved wrong today when I saw an article on pairing wines with bold flavors.
"Loud" flavors -- hot, spicy and/or acidic -- can be tricky to pair with wine. There's no faster way to obliterate the nuances of a wine than to serve it with a dish whose flavors will jump out and make those subtleties disappear.

The article goes on to make pairings for specific bold flavors such as wasabi, chilis and more. Click here to be directed to the article.

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