Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How Much Fun Is This?

Kyle and I sat down to eat at our wine bar for the first time today, and you know what? It was really delicious. I know that is not exactly an unbiased opinion, but seriously look at that spread.


Camille said...

A group of my friends and I had a ladies night out. We looked forward to coming to Kybecca and enjoying the tapas.

While we adore your store, had a lovely evening, we were most disappointed in the portions of your tapas, for example, one of the many items we ordered was the mozzarella and tomato featured in the photo of this post. It looked nothing like this photo. There was what seemed to be a small plum tomato slice on each small slice of mozzarella and there was no basil.

We understand that tapas are appetizers, but the word skimpy comes to mind and although we had a wonderful evening we were extremely disappointed.

Rebecca said...

Thank you very much for your feedback. I always look to hear what our customers are saying, good or not-so-good.
When we create a dish we standardize our portions just to avoid the problem of uneven portion sizes. What was pictured has not changed with the exception of deciding to cut the basil to make it easier to bite into. I spoke with our chef who mentioned to me that because we choose to use local produce, the size of the tomatoes can be inconsistent. However we will work with him to make sure that what goes on the plate is the proper portion.
We made the decision early on to use the highest quality merchandise available and to forgo large portions. For example the mozzarella in our Caprese salad is hand-made from real buffalo milk, and we use extra virgin olive oil in all our dishes (unheard of at most restaurants). We are also not skimpy with our breads and bring refills with any request.
I again thank you for your feedback, and have mentioned your post to our chef who will double his efforts to make sure we maintain consistency.

Camille said...

Thank you for responding to my comment. I do want to say that our tastebuds were pleased and maybe that is why we felt all the more disappointed. Everything was delicious. (Thumbs up for buying local produce.)

My family has been making a tomato/buffalo mozz and basil salad since I was a child...the basil is so yummy. I hope you reconsider.

Kris said...

I'm sorry Rebecca, but I have to agree with Camille on this one. The dishes we received while visiting Kybecca were not even close to what is pictured here. While the tapas were very tasty, they were very small. The slices of cheese in your picture are twice the size of the ones we recieved, and the tomato, mozzarella salad was indeed skimpy compared to what we were served.

Again I have to say that everything was very good to taste, and I would have no complaints, except that the picture you have posted is in no way what was served. Our group was pleased with our evening out. The price a bit steep, but made even more so by what we were apparently supposed to be served, and didnt receive.

I dont know about anyone else, but I will definately visit Kybecca again. The atmosphere was great, the service good, the food tasty. I am glad to hear you are using local produce and high quality ingredients. That is indeed what makes your appitizers so good. I just again have to disagree with the porton size, as compared to you photo.