Saturday, June 7, 2008

Linden Vidal/Riesling - My Drink of Choice Right Now

Leaving work last night I looked around for a wine to grab and have a glass at home. After perusing the usual suspects I grabbed a favorite: the Linden Vidal/Riesling blend, a Virginia wine grown at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This lovely wine is so well-balanced, with just a touch of sweetness, a great acidic back-bone and flavors of citrus, apple, and pear. You can really chill it down and it pairs so well with just about anything. We put it on our wine list by the glass at the wine bar, and it has become a huge seller for us.
Jim Law (pictured), owner and winemaker at Linden has spent years honing his craft and the results are impressive. He has yet to produce a wine I don't like. He makes food-friendly wines that take their inspiration from the Old World, yet have a distinctly Virginia personality.

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