Monday, May 12, 2008

A Taste of Korea, A Taste of Lebanon

I find that a lot of residents of this area are not familiar with some excellent out-of-the-way restaurants. Two in particular stand out that I thought I would tell everybody about. This first one is for the city residents who may not venture out to Route 3 too often. A few doors down from the kybecca store next to Ukrops is Laziza, a Lebanese restaurant. The owner, who is very nice to us, actually is from Lebanon and really knows what the food tastes like. Here's a review of them in the Free Lance Star. In particular, I recommend the Tabouleh (it's also very healthy) and the baba ghanouj. For those not familiar, baba ghanouj is similar to hummus but made from roasted eggplant rather than chickpeas. Laziza's prices are quite reasonable, and perhaps best of all they have a very nice selection of Lebanese wine.

Second is a discovery I made yesterday based on a recommendation from a friend. Choi's Korean Kitchen is located at 1964 William Street (Route 3). It's near Batteries Plus, you can see it from route 3. Their menu is small but everything is good. The Kim Chi was excellent. Like Laziza, it's a small, family-run place that really cares about food. It's also quite reasonably priced. Here's their review from the Free Lance Star.

I highly recommend both of these places, not only because their food is good but because they are local. It's important that people frequent local places to eat, because otherwise the only restaurants you will see around here will be the big chains.


Rebecca said...

I couldn't agree more, and the food is so much better. Fresh, prepared on site, and tasty.

Olivia said...

I love Choi's! Keep the culture coming. :)

COD said...

Have you found a good Mexican place? I'm really suffering since El Parian (in the old Vinnys space on Leavells) shut down last month.

Matt said...

Not yet, but if I find one I'll mention it on the blog.