Thursday, May 22, 2008

No Coke?

Whenever one opens a new business a tidal wave of sales reps descend to propose just about anything you think of. Of course some you really do need, and others not-so-much.

One of the funnier incidents I have had lately involved the reps from Coca Cola coming by to set up an account with us. In their minds it wasn't even a question as to whether or not we would be offering soda, just which ones. When I explained that we would not be offering any fountain drinks or sodas they just looked at me blankly. Something did not compute. They then inquired what I would be serving and I directed them to the Fizzy Lizzy drinks in our cooler. They must have stood there looking at them for a good 5 minutes shaking their heads, and talking to one another. No sodas? How could it be?