Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Beers This Week

I have a really interesting one for you this week. Apparently I'm on some sort of a kick about British beers aged in oak casks, because another one fell in my lap. This one is from Scotland from a very new craft brewery called Brewdog. The beer is called Paradox Islay and it consists of their Imperial Stout aged for several months in used Scotch Whisky casks. Apparently this is a must-have for Scotch lovers. It's also a very small batch beer and won't come around very often.

The name Islay (pronounced eye-luh) comes from an island off the west coast of Mainland Scotland where a lot of Scotch Whiskey is produced. The island is, of course, part of Scotland itself. This particular (#9) was aged in casks that came from the Ardbeg distillery, for any of you who are fans of Scotch.

Also in, 5 Liter mini-kegs of Bell's Oberon Ale. Bell's is the only American craft brewery to put their beer in these mini-kegs. Great for summer parties.

We also have a new beer for hop lovers - Green Flash Hop Head Red. It's a cross between a red ale and an India Pale Ale. Green Flash is based out of San Diego and I haven't seen their beers around here so I figured we should bring some in.

Wait, don't leave yet, I'm not finished. Finally, we have a very interesting Hefeweizen from the famous Schneider Weisse Brewery in Munich, famous for their wheat beer and the Aventinus Doppelbock. Their master brewer, Hans-Peter Drexler, collaborated with the Head Brewer at Brooklyn Brewery, Garrett Oliver to make this product, the Schneider Hopfen Weisse. I tried one last night and thought it was great. Full-bodied for a Hefeweizen, it's rich and spicy.


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