Friday, April 25, 2008

We Have a Wine Dinner Planned For You

In case you haven't seen the newsletter, on Saturday, the 3rd of May we'll be hosting an Australian-themed wine dinner at our store on Plank Road. Jon Amoroso of The Grateful Palate will be here to discuss the wine. Our caterer will be preparing some excellent food in this 5 course meal, and each course will be paired with an Australian wine. The highlight will be the First Class Shiraz, which the Wine Advocate gave 94 points. Have you had the Boarding Pass Shiraz? This is the higher-end version of that wine, so if you thought Boarding Pass was good you'll think First Class is amazing.

Interested? Click here for the full menu and wine pairings, plus enrollment information. If you sign up by this Sunday, you'll get $5 off each reservation. Dinner starts at 7pm.

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