Monday, April 28, 2008

Best Beer I've Ever Tasted?

It's definitely in the top three, and without a doubt the best English beer I've ever tasted. I'm talking about the J.W. Lees Harvest Ale 2006 aged in Sherry casks. I blogged about it when we first got it in (check a few posts down), but I hadn't tasted it yet at that point. It's extremely rare to find a beer with the complexity of this one.

The aromas are subdued in comparison to the flavor. To me it smelled like figs, candy, and rum. It's on the palate that this beer really shines. Initially I get flavors of mandarin orange, apple brandy, cereal, and raisins, just to name a few. The sherry flavor is there but very much in the background. On the finish the figs come back again strong. It's like the beer evolves on your palate. Drinking this was the best beer experience I've had in a long time. I recommend this beer as an after dinner drink, because its qualities reminded me of a fine port or fortified muscat wine. Truly exceptional. Also one of a tiny handful of beers that I ever thought could stand up (in terms of complexity) to a fine wine. I'm putting one in the cellar for sure.

This beer is not easy to get, so come by and snatch one for yourself while they're still here, because I can assure you I will drink them all in a matter of time.

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Kells Angels said...

Matt, for "best beer I've ever tasted," I would suggest anything from the Ommegang Brewery near Cooperstown, New York. Kybecca carries the Ommegang Hennepin and I have a bottle at home, waiting for a warm day and some friends to drink it with. Ommegang is a Belgian brewery operating in the US. Best beer made in the US, in my opinion.

Kathleen Dooley