Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do You Share a Little Vino With the Kids?

Eric Asimov, wine writer for the NY Times just wrote an absolutely well done, and timely piece about sharing a little wine with your teenagers at the dinner table. Good idea, bad idea? He wanted to know.
“The best evidence shows that teaching kids to drink responsibly is better than shutting them off entirely from it,” he told me. “You want to introduce your kids to it, and get across the point that that this is to be enjoyed but not abused.”
This is a subject near to me as I have teenagers in the household, and an obvious love of wine. My best wish would be for them to learn to enjoy moderately, as Kyle and I do, relishing the taste and appreciating the place it came from. I know many parents other than myself cringe at the idea of our kids binge drinking, and wonder what is the best way to ward it off (if that is completely possible). We worry that consuming wine at dinner sends mixed messages about alcohol consumption. I think the answer comes down to modeling appreciation and moderation. What better way to do that than a little vino with dinner?


Olivia said...

Here! Here!

Eve said...

Asimov points out that we share other interests with our children, so why not wine? It goes even further, though -- we're expected to model behaviors for them, good work ethic, healthy relationships, etc., and it's just silly, I think, to draw the line at teaching them moderation and appreciation for alcohol. And kids feel more responsibility to meet expectations if their parents actually go to all the trouble of having expectations.

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