Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our Annual Holiday Party

December being the busiest month of the year for retail we always hold our annual party in late January. After the 12 hour days and non-stop pace of December, and with a little time to recover we like to get together with our vendors for a little relaxing get-together. Our employees and vendors are critical to our success, so we like to include everyone.
These parties are always so much fun, and this year we decided to do urban chic (that translates to a semi-construction zone) and hold it in what will be the space for the wine bar.

Amy made a beautiful display with holiday lights, and we brought the outdoor bar from our home, and voila party-time.

The best part is that we get each of the vendors to bring a bottle from their portfolio they really love. Then we open them all and enjoy at the party.

What a great way to get free wine! Actually it turns out that we get to sample some really stunning wine, and more than likely it turns up on our shelves at kybecca.

Thanks to all who came and we look forward to the wine bar propelling kybecca ever forward.


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