Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How To Pair Wine and Chocolate

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching plenty of people will begin thinking about romancing their loved one with chocolate and a great bottle of wine. However it is easy to miss the mark when pairing the two if you don't follow a few simple rules.
  1. Pair the wine and chocolate by level of sweetness. If you are wanting to pair chocolate with a hearty Cabernet your best bet is a dark chocolate with relatively little sugar. Look for 70% and above.
  2. A semi-sweet rose is a failsafe pairing with any chocolate covered fruit, and most especially chocolate covered strawberries. Suggestion: Elio Perone Bigaro.
  3. Think about ports and sherrys for a really rich and decedent pairing. These are perfect for rich chocolate desserts. Try chilling the port/sherry before serving, it focuses the flavors and tames the sweetness. Suggestion: Alvear BX 1927 Sherry

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David said...

Better yet, beer and chocolate! Beer extends and enhances the flavor of chocolate, even the richest and most bittersweet varieties. The malt and carbonation of the beer meld well with the chocolate and bring out the flavors.

For starters, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and homemade chocolate brownies or a chocolate-caramel tart. A Belgian Ales would go well with a flourless dark chocolate cake. Weizenbocks also pair nicely with chocolate and fruit desserts.