Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Time To Forgive the French... Winemakers That Is

Granted, I hear it less often than I used to, but still everyone once and awhile someone will tell me they won't drink French wine, and instruct me to pick out anything but.
It drives me crazy! Not because I am taking a position on the war, but because this whole "I won't drink French wine" thing as a result of the policies of the French government makes no sense.
Here are a few reasons to give up the personal ban on French wine:
  1. It's delicious (alright, there are better reasons, but still that is a good one).
  2. The vast majority of French wine producers are small farmers who have about as much say over foreign policy (or less) as our farmers. Being a small business person myself I can imagine how frustrating and painful it would be to have an entire market for your products taken away for something entirely beyond your control.
  3. The amount of tax being denied to the French government by not purchasing French wine is paltry in comparison to the damage done to the producers, importers, shippers, distributors, and retailers, many of whom are American.
  4. The French still have some of the best wines in the world, and once you have been introduced to an perfectly aged red Burgundy or a gooseberry and mineral laden Sancerre you will have an experience like non other, promise.
Now that you have four irrefutable reasons to start drinking French wine again, I hope we can put this issue to rest once and for all.

A Votre Sante

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