Thursday, January 24, 2008

Suggestions Needed for Wine Bars to Visit

If any of you know any wine bars you think we should check out, let us know.

We are always on the lookout for the next cool thing.


Bryan said...

Hey guys! Good luck on the new adventure. Coming from Charlottesville, here are a few different types of wine places we enjoyed there.

All of these are walkable on the cville downtown mall.

Vavino - wine flights, light menu, small place with lots of options for the lighter side. (434) 974-9463

Zocalo - open (sometimes loud) floorplan, more of a wine with dinner type of place. Nice sit down lunch or dinner, or a drink before going out for the night.

Blue Light
My favorite place across the street from zocalo (but not exactly a wine bar) more of a martini place, with an upscale sushi bar upstairs.
(the sushi restaurant is called Ten)

Email me if you want to take a drive down there one day and explore the downtown area.

Maura said...

Mas (also in Charlottesville) is incredibly cute and the food is amazing.

Thank you so much for bringing a wine bar to Fredericksburg...I couldn't be more thrilled.

Anonymous said...

Seems that Charlottesville may have it all. Latest Virginia Living has an article on an 100% Italian wine bar 'enoteca'. And, the 'Orzo Kitchen and Wine Bar'.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions. We have been to Mas several times and love it. Certainly we picked up a few good tips from them.
We also like Enoteca in Cville, they have a well executed concept.
We will check out the rest.